As you know every year we try and raise money for charity at our big events This years charity has been chosen by the amazing lifter an lovely man Sean Blackburn of warriors gym. How has devoted all of his prize money he wins to charity.

The charity this year is The Pink Rose Suite at the Princess Diana Hospital in Grimsby.

So please dig deep everyone. we will be taking donations at the worlds this year also Sean will be setting up a go fund me page.


I would like to start the donations by pledging £250. Lady Petra Kent

Learn more about The pink rose suite



Breaking news the first ever powerlifting and weightlifting academy in England. opening 2nd December 2020

bpf academy

Dear Members,

I am sending out this email , as a reminder that we have the IPL Worlds coming up in Coventry England in November from the 24th to the 28th. And that all lifters from 2019 that have competed for the British Powerlifting Federation would have been qualified to attend the IPL Worlds.

At this Worlds this year we have put in place a lot of opportunities to compete in our pro meets and also our international meets around the Globe .

1 . All lifters that compete at the IPL Worlds only will receive there official invites to compete in the Mr Universe Pro Money Meet.

Cash prize so far is £5000 and growing . and only lifters from the IPL Worlds will be invited to take part in next years prize money meet as this will be invite only event. so we can give back to our Loyal members after all this is the lifters federation. 

2. There will be 6 Pro Cards issued for the first time ever in England by any federation, They’s will be awarded at the IPL Worlds and will enter you into all pro meets around the world, 38 IPL and 9 wpu including Mr Olympia Pro meet in the USA  you will also be an official member of team GB representing your country at BPF, WPU, IPL  AND WRPF competitions. 

3. You will qualify for next years IPL Worlds and also the WPU Worlds .

4. This IPL Worlds is not Tested at all and never  will be tested .IPL has a separate tested comp for any one interested  please ask for details. 

5 . We have 2 qualifiers left October 16th I’m Ilkeston Notts and October 23rd Derby for last chance to qualify for the IPL Worlds.if you have not competed in the last 3 years with the BPF. entry forms and membership forms can be found on the website.

6 . There is over 100 meets around the World with the IPL over the next 12 months a fantastic opportunity to raise your profile and compete with the best lifters around the World.  This list can be found on the website. 

7 . You have access to train at the British Powerlifting Federation Academy based in Ilkeston Derbyshire if you are a British Powerlifting Federation Member.

We look forward to seeing you at the Worlds all entry’s are on our website

And also hotel booking too with a big discount on your rooms with breakfast included and free pool access too.

if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at ever

or on the send question section of the website. 

BPF Vice President

Lady Petra Kent

BPF / IPL European President

4 X Mr Olympia Pro

Hall Of Fame Athlete

Mr M Griffiths


Official statement by the BPF
The Association of Chief Police Officers
National Policing Lead for ACPO Communication Advisory Group Chief Constable Andy Trotter said: “People may think they can remain anonymous when they are online, that they can hide, say and do things they wouldn’t dream of doing in real life without consequences or being found out; this is not the case.
Reports of credible threats and communications made over social media that specifically target an individual and constitute harassment will be taken very seriously by the police and investigated. Please call your local police force on 101 if you think you are being harassed or threatened online.”
Cyberbullying is bullying online and any form of anti-social behaviour over the internet or via a mobile device. It is an attack or abuse, using technology, which is intended to cause another person harm, distress or personal loss.
Forums and tools used often vary and include a range of electronic devices often linked to forums or chat rooms. The tool may be a computer or laptop, a mobile phone, a camera or recording device, a tablet or games-console or simply email or mobile text messaging. Typically, the bullies use Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other interactive forums to target an individual or group. Some examples of cyberbullying can include:
* Spreading malicious and abusive rumours and gossiping
* Emailing or texting you with threatening or intimidating remarks
* Mobbing (a group or gang that target you)
* Harassing you repeatedly
* Intimidation and blackmail
* Stalking you on-line and continually harassing you
* Posting embarrassing or humiliating images or video’s without your consent
* Posting your private details on-line without consent
* General Bullying or Stalking
* Grooming (enticing or goading you on-line to self-harm or commit a crime)
* Setting up a false profile, Identity fraud or identity theft
* Using gaming sites to attack or bully you
* Theft, Fraud or deception over the internet
I lady petra kent want to post this as I feel that there has been a personal attack on the BPF it’s members my self and Marcus Griffiths, who had completely remained
Silent and innocent but yet others deemed it fit to attack him in a personal way on his integrity his business made it possible his
Good name some of people he has never even met but yet they seem to think they can attack him . Yes He is an ethnic person and yes He is also disabled person who has been in and out of hospital for the last 3 years but still a try to give back to the sport and has given over £25 K in the last ten years to others in aid to help promote the sport . He even remained quite when his very own Sons and family and BPF staff have been approached to joined Other federations. I don’t believe in federation bashing or attacking another person if any of my members had done this to another federation official or president I would of stepped in and banned them from the sport . I have always maintained that all federations work hard and it’s not an easy task I have absolutely no Axe to grind with any of them.
Lady-Petra Kent
This has saddens me when grown adults feel they can make personal attacks against me over social media , Some have had 10 years plus to come and see me or have even seen me in person but have never talked to me about there situations or even given me the chance to explain.
I may be the President of the BPF / wpu but I don’t make the rules there is a technical official that does that with the board . Also for those that have worked with me over 11 years I have never ever accepted any Best overall awards or the prize money that I give out . This has always been my stance since day one of the BPF .
I won my My Olympia titles fair and square
And have meddled 6 time won WPC Worlds and GPC and WPF and WPU and been lifting 30 years but still some think it’s right to call me and attack me in such a way that can only be described as pure evil bullying. All I have ever done is given back to our sport we now have a BPF Official Office and a BPF Sports Academy
For all lifters to come and enjoy.
All I have to say is if this continues I will have to take legal action against those that have tried to bring my good name down.
Marcus Griffiths
The BPF/WPU the lifters federation