29th & 30th May 2021

BPF/ WPU and WRPF British championships First of all we would like to welcome all our new members, also big thanks to everyone that has entered the competition & everyone that has purchased spectator tickets. It has been a really busy time for us leading up to this weekend, and now we just can’t wait…

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Breaking news the first ever powerlifting and weightlifting academy in England. opening 2nd December 2020

bpf academy

The BPF academy's youngest member and official number 1 model. Deanna flexing her stuff.


Dear Members,

I am sending out this email , as a reminder that we have the IPL Worlds coming up in Coventry England in November from the 24th to the 28th. And that all lifters from 2019 that have competed for the British Powerlifting Federation would have been qualified to attend the IPL Worlds.

At this Worlds this year we have put in place a lot of opportunities to compete in our pro meets and also our international meets around the Globe .

1 . All lifters that compete at the IPL Worlds only will receive there official invites to compete in the Mr Universe Pro Money Meet.

Cash prize so far is £5000 and growing . and only lifters from the IPL Worlds will be invited to take part in next years prize money meet as this will be invite only event. so we can give back to our Loyal members after all this is the lifters federation. 

2. There will be 6 Pro Cards issued for the first time ever in England by any federation, They’s will be awarded at the IPL Worlds and will enter you into all pro meets around the world, 38 IPL and 9 wpu including Mr Olympia Pro meet in the USA  you will also be an official member of team GB representing your country at BPF, WPU, IPL  AND WRPF competitions. 

3. You will qualify for next years IPL Worlds and also the WPU Worlds .

4. This IPL Worlds is not Tested at all and never  will be tested .IPL has a separate tested comp for any one interested  please ask for details. 

5 . We have 2 qualifiers left October 16th I’m Ilkeston Notts and October 23rd Derby for last chance to qualify for the IPL Worlds.if you have not competed in the last 3 years with the BPF. entry forms and membership forms can be found on the bplf.co.uk website.

6 . There is over 100 meets around the World with the IPL over the next 12 months a fantastic opportunity to raise your profile and compete with the best lifters around the World.  This list can be found on the website. 

7 . You have access to train at the British Powerlifting Federation Academy based in Ilkeston Derbyshire if you are a British Powerlifting Federation Member.

We look forward to seeing you at the Worlds all entry’s are on our website bplf.co.uk

And also hotel booking too with a big discount on your rooms with breakfast included and free pool access too.

if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at ever 



or on the send question section of the bplf.co.uk website. 

BPF Vice President

Lady Petra Kent

BPF / WPU President

4 X Mr Olympia Pro

Hall Of Fame Athlete

Mr M Griffiths